[Previously on Charmo’s Quest]

Charmo the big dumb idiot steps out of his nuclear fallout-proof vault, the only world he has ever known, into a cold dark cave. To his left he sees the corpse of what we can only assume was a former vault mate. It is unclear if Charmo has a concept of death or even knows that he, too, has a skeleton inside of him. Regardless, he treats the be-suited bones with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Orrrrr he loots it of a rather large combat knife and some ammo. Right!

As he rounds a corner, he is accosted by three Cave Rats. He makes short, bloody handiwork of them. There were no squeaks. There was no time.

Our single-digit-savant has somehow made it out of his home cave without choking on his own tongue or using his knife as an eye scratcher. What awaits Charmo in his quest to slake his countrymen’s thirst? Tune in next time to find out!

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